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Mike Poole of MP Solutions Direct on Being a Success

October 21, 2011

MP solutions direct Mike Poole of MP Solutions Direct left school at 16 and went straight into employment so it is perhaps not wholly surprising that he has a few words of warning for anyone wishing to dazzle him with their immaculate CV.

“In this industry a person’s ambition is what counts, not what’s on their CV.”

For people in the Outsourcing Sales industry it is less important what somebody has done and more important what they want to do. The great strength of Outsourcing Sales is that you do not require any definitive skill set- people come to it and succeed from a host of different industries as Mike well knows after spells as a bricklayer, in the retail industry and even in the army. Being a success in the industry is more a state of mind than a particular skill and Mike firmly believes that if you work hard and have the right attitude, anything is possible. The skills that you need to be successful can all be learned in the industry and companies like MP Solutions Direct are designed to fully equip people with the information that leads to success.

You don’t need a degree to succeed in Outsourcing Sales and there is no need to have any sales experience there are companies that can point you in the right direction and help you with all you need to know. One of the few requirements is to have a good attitude towards people as Outsourcing Sales is a people based business. If the desire to listen and grow is there it can be a very nurturing industry.

“We look for people who want the opportunity to be successful.”

Mike Poole has seen enough of the industry to know who will be a success in it and his company MP Solutions Direct has seen innumerable people within the industry take the journey from sales and marketing to people owning their own business. From his own start as a shy, 17 stone bodybuilder, Mike has found that Outsourcing Sales has massively boosted his confidence and his communication skills which in turn has helped him progress.

“Good communication skills are helpful; you have to genuinely like people.”

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